Sunday, September 19, 2010

James Bond Books: Never Send Flowers

I've just finished reading this particular book and in truth, I am actually fond of watching James Bond Movies, however, I don't usually like the adult scenes because it's not safe for my kids and usually I watch together with them. James Bond movies are surely packed with action and adventure however at times, I don't think it's for young audiences. So, I make it a point to only watch it when my kids are not around.

Believe it or not, it's my first time to read a James Bond book and I can say it's ok! I am thinking the other James Bond books might be more exciting, well, I'm somewhat sure of that so will be purchasing more James Bond books in the future.

So, here's a gist of the story taken from wikipedia...

A murder in Switzerland of Laura March with MI5 connections follows assassinations in Rome, London, Paris & Washington. Left at each scene is a rose with marks of drops of blood on the petal. He also left a branch from an oak tree. Bond is sent to investigate where he meets the lovely Swiss agent Fredericka von GrĂ¼sse whom he later calls Flicka when on better terms.
Trails lead to a former international stage actor, David Dragonpol, a friend of March who lives in a castle on the Rhine called Schloss Drache which he is turning into a theatre museum. They also meet a widow and flower grower, Maeve Horton.

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