Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book Review: Eddie's Bastard

Eddie's BastardEddie's Bastard by William Kowalski

I took a break from reading as you can see from my posts. It was months ago from when I last read. It's just that I got busy, or maybe just got lazy reading. I don't know if this happens to other bookworms too, if not, then I'd feel totally guilty of calling myself as such.

Anyway, as they say, a habit is a habit, so I just suddenly got into reading again! I don't know how it happened but that feeling of me wanting to read just came on suddenly. So, I read the first book I got my hands on and that's Eddie's Bastard. I was struck at the comment from Denver Post regarding this book. It read, "Draws the reader in from the get-go and refuses to relinquish its hold." Upon the reading the book I can say that it is so true.

It is a great book in every sense. I like the way the story unfolded as well as it is also well-written. Some scenes I like in the book was when Enzo from Nagasaki, Japan kept his promise and brought back the diary of the great Willie Mann. I was touched because he treasured such promise and as said in the book, people like him are rare nowadays. I also like how the musicians turned up on Willie Mann III wake.

I am sad that Billy and Annie did not end together, when they would have made such a lovely couple. That is the only thing I didn't like in this book.

Furthermore, from the way the book was ended, I am thinking there would be a sequel to this. This book was published 1999 and if there is a sequel to it, I don't know of it yet but I would be very happy to read it if given the chance.

About the Author
William Kowalski is the author of the novels Eddie’s Bastard, Somewhere South of Here, The Adventures of Flash Jackson, and The Good Neighbor, all published in North America by HarperCollins and in the U.K. by Transworld/Doubleday/Black Swan. His work has been translated into fifteen languages and has appeared on numerous international best-seller lists. Eddie’s Bastard was the winner of Exclusive Books’ Book Lover’s Award (South Africa) in 2001. William is a regular book reviewer for the Globe and Mail. He is also a faculty member of Nova Scotia Community College, where he instructs adult learners in a variety of subjects.

William lives in Nova Scotia with his wife and two children.

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