Saturday, September 25, 2010

Book Review: David Morrell Covenant of the Flame

I have just finished reading this book and it is a good read. It's about two groups of people who's been in conflict eversince. The first group, those who believe in Mithraism, is an environment-loving group, that they would kill those harming the earth. The other group is bent on killing them.

I don't find anything wrong with taking care of the environment. However, if it's pushed to the limit like killing those responsible for pollution, I think that's another story. We don't have the right to kill, no matter how just our cause for killing is. Their is a law that will punish these aggressors and we must abide by that law. And, if law will not prevail, then their is a higher law, their is God. His is the revenge, not ours. This is all I can say about this book.

Here is a short summary taken from

For two thousand years a hidden conflict has been waged. Now it is bursting into the open — in a pitched battle over the very future of the planet...

In the Amazon and in Africa, from oil spills to animal slaughters, the earth is being defiled, and two covert armies are locked in mortal conflict — with a woman reporter caught in the middle.

Drawn into the mysterious disappearance of a gray-eyed stranger and his horrific murder by fire, Tess Drake and a veteran New York City police officer follow the trail of blood from Manhattan to Washington to the ancient caverns of Europe. Hunted by both sides, fighting for her life, Tess races toward the dark heart of a secret that will rock the world...

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